September 2016
305 Pounds

In October 2016, I was accepted and joined the Trevose Behavior Modification Program as a 65 year- old 6-foot 2-inch obese and unhealthy man weighing 305 lbs. Today, 60 weeks later after closely following the Trevose System, I am very happy to report a healthy weight of 215 lbs.

The Program is based on weekly meetings discussing personal food consumption behaviors and the recording of caloric intake. The calories recommended are determined by the amount of weight you desire to lose and your starting weight. With a little perseverance in healthy eating habits, discipline in recording my daily caloric intake, added activity, and weekly support meetings, the weight was dropping steadily. The bonus was that I never really felt hungry. This program has worked for me. I have attempted to lose weight many times on my own but was never successful until I joined Trevose.

Thanks to all for your support!

Bob Johnston

December 2017
215 Pounds