Program Rules

  1. Attendance

    For the first five meetings as a new member, you are required to attend every meeting.  If you miss any of these five meetings, you will be terminated from the program.After the first five weeks, absences are permitted with at least two weeks advance notice in writing to your leader.  If an emergency arises after the first five weeks that might prevent your attending a meeting, you must call your Leader in advance.  Unexcused absence from a meeting will result in termination from the Program.

  2. Vacations

    If you are going on vacation, you must request written permission from your leaders at least two weeks in advance.  While on vacation, keep your Modification Record sheet, get weighed on a beam type scale and record your weight on your sheet.  Mail that sheet to your Leader on the day of your meeting.  If you will be absent for the final meeting of the month, you must make your monthly loss requirement before you leave.

  3. Record Keeping:

    You must complete and turn in all records required by the program when such records are due.

  4. Loss Requirement:

    When you become a TBMP member you are given a goal weight and a loss requirement for each month.  You must make the required loss by the end of the month until you reach ninety percent (90%) of your goal.  Further losses are voluntary.  We suggest that you attempt to lose several pounds beyond this ninety percent of the goal to provide a “safety net”.

  5. Maintenance Levels

    When you reach your weight loss goal and maintain the loss for four months, you attend meetings twice a month, on the second and last meetings.  When you have maintained your loss for eight months, you attend only the final meeting each month.  After maintaining your loss for twelve months, you are put on “Independence” and no longer attend meetings.

    When you are on Independence, you are required to keep your records and mail them in monthly. You must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope (postage for two ounces, please). In return, you will receive Modification Record sheets for the next month and a copy of the Modifier.

    If you are actively on Independence and have regained some weight (no more than ten pounds from your weight when you left) you will be permitted to rejoin the group until you are back at goal. Members who are active in Leadership or performing work for their group are permitted to continue to attend weekly meetings, even after they are at goal.

  6. Leadership Training

    As a condition for being accepted into the Program, all new members agree that when they are successful they will use what they have learned to help others.  Members who are recommended by their leaders may attend the Leaders Training Workshop conducted on a Saturday, at the Trevose location.  Every leader is required to attend a workshop at least once every two years.

  7. Drop Out and Parole

    Beginning with the fourth month in the Program, if you do not meet your loss requirement you will be put into Drop Out for one month.

    During that month you keep special records and must lose the weight not lost the previous month plus the weight loss requirement for the month you are in Drop Out.  This is available only once in any twelve month period.

    If you do not make your loss for a month and do not qualify for Drop Out because it is less than twelve months since you used it, you will be terminated.

    However, if you have already lost at least two-thirds of your goal weight.  (Example: Goal 60 pounds, loss to date 45 pounds), you would qualify for Parole.  This is a two month period requiring substantial record keeping, weigh-in and Leader contact.  Members on Parole do not attend meetings during that period. Parole is permitted ONLY ONCE for any member.

  8. Medicals and Maternity

    Medical problems require written confirmation by your physician and are considered by your leaders on an individual basis.

    If you become pregnant, you go on a Maternity leave and send your sheets in monthly as shown under “Maintenance Levels, Independence”.  When your pregnancy ends and your doctor states, in writing, that you are ready to resume weight loss, you will be readmitted.

  9. The “ONE TIME” Rule

    This is a Last Chance program.  Members who are terminated from the program are never permitted to rejoin.