How to Apply

A list of our TBMP Group locations appears below. Some TBMP Group locations may have as many as two to three groups meeting at the same time. If you are interested in applying for any of the following Group locations: Select the group that best meets your needs for time and location and CALL THE LEADERS LISTED to request consideration for membership.


Please do not mail anything to any of the following addresses; simply call the phone numbers listed below. Please be patient because many of our groups have long waiting lists. Be prepared to try several groups until you find one that can accept your application. If you are interested in joining the main Trevose location, you may send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and request an application to:

P.O. Box 11674
Philadelphia, PA 19116

To join a satellite location, contact the leader of that specific group. Applications are considered on an individual basis. In order to qualify for acceptance into the program, an applicant must meet certain criteria due to the limited openings and the program rules. The list of Satellite Groups below is accurate and updated on a regular basis. Group openings are filled rapidly on a “First come, first served” basis.

TBMP Satellite Groups are currently available ONLY at the locations listed below in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. TBMP has a policy of not announcing new groups until they are established and ready to accept new members.

If you have any questions or need additional information please call Susan Kaufman, the Satellite Coordinator, at (610) 368-6410.


TBMP has started an experimental application process that will allow former members who have been out of the program for at least five (5) years to reapply for membership. Former members who want to reapply will need documentation showing that it has been at least five (5) years since they left the program. If they are accepted back into the program, it is with the knowledge that they will not be accepted back in the future if they leave the program a second time. TBMP strongly urges former members who do not qualify under this process to join another program where they can get the support and encouragement that will help them reach their goal. If you are motivated now, please don’t wait.

If there are no Satellite Groups near you, there are many teaching hospitals and universities throughout the country that offer weight loss programs. A number of these programs use behavior modification, although a number of them do not. Information on University-based weight loss programs is available from the National Institutes of Health, Weight-control Information Network (WIN).