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Please DO NOT use this form to apply for membership in a Satellite Group. Inquires of this type will not receive an answer as that information is available on this website under How to Apply, including information concerning submitting an application for membership, Satellite Group locations, meeting times, and current openings.


TBMP has started an experimental application process that will allow former members who have been out of the program for at least five (5) years to reapply for membership. Former members who want to reapply will need documentation showing that it has been at least five (5) years since they left the program. If they are accepted back into the program, it is with the knowledge that they will not be accepted back in the future if they leave the program a second time. TBMP strongly urges former members who do not qualify under this process to join another program where they can get the support and encouragement that will help them reach their goal. If you are motivated now, please don’t wait.

Information on University-based weight loss programs is available from the National Institutes of Health’s Weight-control Information Network (WIN).

Current TBMP members seeking to contact the Home Office, please do not use this form.  Your group leaders can provide you with Home Office contact information directly. 

ONLY Weight-loss, Medical, and related professionals, or those representing a media organization should select Professional Inquiry below. Those with General information requests, as well as inquiries concerning this website, should select the appropriate option below. If your inquiry does not fit in any of these categories, please select Other Topic and follow the prompt. Thank you for your understanding.

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