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Trevose Behavior Modification Program


Post Office Box 11674 Philadelphia, PA 19116

To: All Members of the Trevose Behavioral Modification Program (TBMP)
From: Mary Jackson, Director TBMP
Re: Program Update
Date: May 28, 2021

It has been over a year since the beginning of the pandemic that has presented so many challenges for our program, for ourselves and our families, and our country. The impacts of the pandemic have been widespread and for many, devastating. Trevose Behavioral Modification Program was not spared from those impacts. In addition to our gracious hosts, ASI and Bucks County Technology Park, having to implement COVID-19 restrictions resulting in the termination of our in-person weekly weigh-ins and leader meetings, the resulting economic recession over the past year resulted in a significant reduction in the donations that support our organization’s operations.

It is with true regret that I must announce that, after 48 years of serving our community, TBMP will be permanently shutting down operations effective immediately. We will leave behind a legacy of one of the most successful long term weight loss programs established and built by David Zelitch and me, with the support of doctors and researchers including Dr. Albert J. (“Mickey”) Stunkard, MD and Dr. Thomas A. Wadden, Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, Janet Latner, Ph.D. and especially the many volunteers and thousands of members whose lives were changed by the program. In addition, the program, recognized by the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, has participated in numerous studies and research programs to benefit the greater community.

I want to thank all our members, their leaders, and the TBMP staff for your support not just during the past tumultuous year, but over the decades that the program has operated. It is a tribute to those contributions that the program endured for nearly half a century, and the Program would not have survived for so long without the support of the individuals and organizations that contributed to our collective success. As I reflect on the many successes of the program, the thousands of members whose lives were improved, the 10’s of thousands of pounds that were lost and maintained, and the many families that benefitted from the improved health of our members, I can say that I am truly proud of the legacy that TBMP will leave behind.

Over the coming weeks, I will be working with our hosts at Bucks County Technology Park to close the office we have maintained there for the last 5 decades. To that end, we will be organizing a clean-out of the office in the coming weeks. Once the arrangements have been made a notice will be posted on the website detailing the arrangements.

As I prepare for the next chapter of my life, I will cherish the memories of the many friends I’ve made and the life-changing accomplishments I witnessed as the director and co-founder of TBMP. I am so proud of you all for how you have worked to encourage and support each other and want to congratulate you all for sticking to your individual plans and for remaining in contact with each other. Though this is the conclusion of TBMP, the legacy that we leave behind will continue impact to impact our families and our community far into the future.

Stay hopeful, remember that each of you has someone to look to for support, and keep reaching for your goals!

— Mary L. Jackson, Director

Going forward, please direct all inquiries to the website. The website will remain active until the program has been fully shut down.